Meet The CoreVisions Team

A group of IT professionals with a plan to change the way people feel about IT. Our vision is to provide professional technology services while also being personable and truthful.


Zach Canez
CEO & Co-Founder

Zach Canez is an experienced IT consultant having worked in the field for 8 years. He is driven by the Core mission to provide top notch service tailored to the needs of the client. He has spent the majority of his IT career gaining experiences in areas such as systems administration, consulting, and office management. Zach has worked his way up from a desktop support role of 150+ users, to an IT consultant, and latest an IT Engineer role supporting upwards of 300 users. When not supporting his clients, Zach also enjoys spending time with his wife, three kids, and their dog. Next to his family, Zach also has a deep love for sports; especially baseball, whether it’s coaching, playing, or watching it with good company.

Steven Susbilla
COO & Co-Founder

For over 5 years, Steven Susbilla has been a prominent leader in the IT industry. Starting as an IT associate, he was then asked to transition into a small team for the Low Voltage Division of an IT MSP. Expanding his knowledge even further he received a lead role on a Remote Support Team for managed clients which eventually led him to consume a title as a Systems Administrator. During these transitions he has been able to develop a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the IT industry. His strong suits include adapting quickly in fast pace environments while being able to support the changing processes and procedures needed according to the company’s growth. He recognized his passion for computers and technology at an early age allowing him to get a jump start in his career. He is very passionate about mending the gap between computers and people by creating a valuable relationship with his clients. During his free time, he loves to try different foods and workout to stay healthy but the most important thing to him is spending time with his family and friends.

Shanil Prasad
CBO & Co-Founder

Shanil began working in IT five years ago and quickly began to move up the IT ranks. From starting off as a Level 1 Analyst to becoming a Lead Analyst along with becoming a lead escalation point in two years. He has a wide range of technology skills from desktop support to server and cloud computing administration. He also has experience in managing multiple companies at one time as his day to day consisted of managing over 60 company infrastructures along with supporting over 1500+ users daily. In his free time, he likes playing sports, spending quality time with family & friends along with his new interest in being an active brewery reviewer.

Chip Harder
CTO & Co-Founder

Chip Harder has been integral part of the SF Bay Area IT Consulting world for the past six years. A graduate of California State University, Chico. Chip has been able to use his degree in Communication Design to hone his skills as an IT Professional. By teaching non techy folks how to adapt to new technologies, Chip makes technology fun for the client, while continuing to be prudent about implementation and always taking cybersecurity into consideration due to us living in the 21st century world. Though his time as a consultant has been short, he has taken a multidisciplinary approach to covering various IT challenges. Not shy to take on a challenge, Chip has spent his time as an onsite consultant supporting Fine Jewelry companies, the construction industry, the medical device field and most recently the financial services market. In Chip’s time away from the computer, he enjoys boating, hiking with his dog and playing the sport of paintball.

"I can't recommend CoreVisions enough! Great communication through each step of the process. Solved all my problems!"

- Dakota
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